Briefly about us and the activies

There are more and more people working with, writing about, interested in and curious about the norm critical approach around in Finland. There are several institutions, associations, groups and individual as researcher, teachers, and activist that belongs to this growing but very diverse group. The Norm Critical Network is founded in order to meet the needs of gathering our interests and form a platform for connecting and sharing experiences, knowledge, but also develop both theory and practices about norm critique.

In the network we use a flat organization structure. For us it means that we want to gather people engage in these issues, but not decide what, how and when they should do it. Right now the on going activities is: Reading Circle and ThemeDiscussion, the Norm Critical Network usually take part annually in Helsinki Pride (June-Juli) and FeministForum (November). In the beginning of all the norm critical meetings we always choose the language; English, Finnish or Swedish due to the needs in the room.

If you are interested in the network you can join by visiting one of the norm critical meetings, start up or integrate a new work group to the network. There is also possibility to ask for a mentor to get into the activities. We also organise new comers evenings twice a year.

More information about the activities can be found on here on the web portal or through our Facebook group. There is also a newsletters. If you want to join the monthly newsletter mail:

All the meetings are advertised in a common calendar. A future aim with the calendar is to cover the most of the norm critical activities around Finland. This means we need the help from independent organizations, groups and organizer that collaborate inside the network, but also for those outside to fill it in. There is no limit, but the norm critical approach. If you represent an organization, group or an organizer that would like to fill in your activities mail:

Welcome to be a part of a paradigm shift of working with diversity issues. To be able to do this we need you as a part of this movement!